Left to right, Marcelo Aòon, Cecilia Wallace, and Nicholas, Alex and Emilio Aòon celebrate with Nicholas Aòon for his winning entry.

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The First Amendment won big among School District 65 seventh-graders. The Fourth Amendment, proscribing certain searches and seizures, and the Eighth Amendment, with its ban of cruel and unusual punishment, gathered a few admirers, but freedoms of religions, press, assembly, speech and petition won the day.

The occasion was the annual “Your Rights, Your Reasons” Constitution contest, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Evanston and School District 65. As extra-curricular study for the State-mandated Constitution contest, the League and the District invite the seventh-graders to demonstrate through the written word, visual arts or performance art their passion for one of the amendments. Students work in groups or singly to produce award-winning essays, collages, dances and videos.

This year’s question asked students to choose one of the 10 amendments comprising the Bill of Rights and explain why it was their favorite.

Michelle Jordan of the League and Jamilla Pitts coordinated the contest, the judging by community members and the awards ceremony.

The winning essays, by Jerrett Jones and Jordan Wallace of Chute Middle School, and the names of the other winners in each category, can be found on the RoundTable’s website, evanstonroundtable.com.