On February 17, Evanston City officials announced that Trader Joe’s has chosen 1211 Chicago Ave., the former Block Buster Video site, as its 14th Illinois location.

“I am thrilled that Trader Joe’s has signed a lease and is scheduled to come to Evanston in the next year. I’m looking forward to working with Terraco, the property developer, to make this a flagship development for Trader Joe’s and our neighborhood,” said Third Ward Alderman Melissa Wynne..
“Chicago Avenue is a key corridor for the Third Ward and Evanston and the arrival of Trader Joe’s will mark an important step in the continuing improvement of Chicago Avenue,” she added.
 Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl spoke about the jobs it will generate and said it will be an asset for Evanston’s economy. She said, “The development of this site into a new Trader Joe’s is yet another sign that Evanston’s economic health is definitely on the upswing. Trader Joe’s will be a good asset to the economy not only for the added commerce it will generate but also for the jobs it will create and the visitors it will attract to our community that is already known for its excellent restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.”
Scott Gendell, president of Wilmette-based developer Terraco, mentioned a target opening date in 2013. The City’s Economic Development Committee will continue working closely with the both the developer Terraco and Trader Joe’s to facilitate the zoning, planning and permitting process.