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Evanston Township High School reported today, Feb. 22: 

“At 11:49 am today, a fight occurred in a hallway between two ETHS students. Additional students became involved in the incident. The fight was quickly contained, and the Evanston Police Department responded to the scene. 

“Evanston police investigators working with ETHS Safety identified the alleged offenders. All students involved have been removed from the school by the police and have been suspended.  Where appropriate, arrests were made and charges filed. The school will take disciplinary actions as warranted by district policies. 

“Incidents such as these, even as rarely as they occur, are taken seriously and are dealt with decisively. The safety of our students and staff is our first concern. After conducting interviews, it was determined that today’s fight stemmed from an incident that occurred between the alleged offenders at a neighborhood event over the weekend. An ETHS Safety Officer injured his arm while responding to the incident, but no additional injuries were reported. At no time was there any additional threat to the safety of any other student or staff members.”