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This year is a leap year, and yesterday, Feb. 29, was Leap Day – an extra “intercalary” day added in to keep calendars aligned with the Earth’s orbit around Sol.

The “leap” in leap year is counterintuitive. Instead of leaping right from Feb. 28 to March 1, as we do in “regular” years, we drag February out for another day. It’s in those other years that we leap blithely right over a potential Feb. 29 and call it March 1.

But since the name and place on the calendar are set – one source says its good for the next 3,300 years – perhaps we should make more of Leap Year and Leap Day. Should Leap Day be a day of celebration, when everyone leaps for joy, like the lords in “Twelve Days of Christmas”? A day of sport and exercise, when everyone plays leapfrog? Perhaps a day of spiritual enlightenment, when everyone can take a leap of faith? Or maybe it should be a time of looking forward, when everyone leaps into the future.

Despite the possibilities, Leap Day remains for the most part monochromatic. This year it was just another Wednesday. Maybe in 2016, it will be a Monday to remember.