Terry and Patience Hackett were among those who climbed the 2,340 steps of Presidential Towers in Chicago.

They made the climb in memory of Terry’s father, who passed away from lung cancer this past July. On his personal fundraising page for the climb, Mr. Hackett posted a reflection on his father’s cigarette smoking. “He smoked cigarettes for 51 years. The cigarettes did what all the warnings advertise – they made him sick and took his life. My father certainly chose to smoke. I can’t really recall a time in his life when he decided to quit. He lived during a generation when cigarette smoking was generally more accepted. … Anyone who has lost a loved one … knows the feeling of loss is so profound and so permanent. … Despite well-known facts about smoking, so many people still choose to do so – many of those people are young and healthy.” The Hacketts raised more than $2,500 for lung cancer research.

The American Lung Association in Greater Chicago, which sponsored the climb, raised more than $260,000 at last year’s climb; the goal this year was $295,000.