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Elsewhere in this paper there are articles and letters about candidates and about what is at stake in the referendum questions in the March 20 election. It is important for all registered voters to let their voices be heard on these questions and to help choose the best candidates.

Just as important, we believe, is the unparalleled opportunity this country offers to participate in self-determined government and policies. One of the many ways our country offers to express agreement or difference with a party or a policy or a candidate is to go to the polls. It is incumbent upon all who have this precious right to take the time to become educated on the issues and the candidates and then to cast their votes accordingly.

To vote is a simple matter. The polls are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable people whose purpose is to ensure proper and accurate voting. It is also thrilling to think that each person’s vote counts, even votes for candidates or issues that do not succeed. Each single voter is part of a jigsaw puzzle the final image of which will not be known until all results are in.

Peaceful elections, while normal here, are coveted in many other countries. Voting is truly one of the blessings of liberty.