Concept rendering for "Search & Effect," the new public art piece for the Sherman Avenue garage. From Krivanek + Breaux/Art + Design

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A new public art piece for the Sherman Avenue garage will incorporate light, words and images. “Search & Effect” is the title of the piece, to be created by Krivanek + Breaux/Art + Design for many of the windows in the parking garage.

The “Search” aspect of the piece, according to information provided to the City by the artistic team, appears to be several words embodying concepts such as “Initiate” and “Envision” mounted behind several windows a few stories above the ground. A pyramid-shaped spotlight will highlight the words and radiate downward to illuminate other words on the lower-level façade (“folly,” “feeling,” fate,” “beauty” and “wisdom,” for example) – the “Effect” portion of the piece.

The City allows an amount of up to 1 percent of the cost of a project to be spent on public art. The $75,000 cost of “Search & Effect” will be paid through the Washington National TIF.

The design team is based in Chicago and Lafayette, La. B.J. Krivanek is a professor of visual communication at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Joe Breaux, adjunct professor of architecture at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.