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On April 16, Evanston Police responded to Evanston Township High School for a criminal sexual assault investigation. A safety officer from the school had discovered a 15-year- old female and 14-year-old male in a stairwell engaged in a sex act during school hours.

It was learned through an investigation conducted by Evanston Police Juvenile Bureau detectives and in cooperation with Evanston Township High School staff that the 14-year-old-male student had physically forced the 15-year-old female to perform a sex act against her will.

The 14-year-old-male student was taken into custody and subsequently charged with one count of criminal sexual assault, a class 1 felony. The male was remanded to the custody of the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. No further information can be released due to the age of the offender and victim in this incident. An informational release was also being sent out to parents regarding the incident from Evanston Township High School District 202.