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As it did last year, the City of Evanston will extend many of its programs until 7 or 8 p.m. Most of these will be free, said Doug Gaynor, director of Parks, Recreation and Community Service for the City.

Beach volleyball will be one of the 75-100 activities for youth this summer. Some, but not all activities will be free, said Mr. Gaynor: ice-skating (at Robert Crown), beach tokens (available at community centers on a limited basis) and roller-skating (at various community centers).

“There will be cultural tours to some of Chicago’s museums, and we’re looking for some space for bands to practice,” Mr. Gaynor said. “We are moving in the direction of having all the things that students requested [at an earlier meeting between City representatives and Evanston Township High School students],” he added.

Police Chief Richard Eddington said this year there would be one “call-back” (overtime) officer for the overnight shift. In addition, he said, the police department is “targeting several significant interpersonal conflicts among groups.” These conflicts, he said, are not turf wars, but “the kids don’t like each other. … We’ve made some arrests, and we’ll continue to pursue this,” he said.

Chief Eddington also said he felt that last year’s extensive recreation programs helped reduce crime among youth and expected this summer’s programs would yield similar results. “These programs provide positive venues for kids so they won’t get swept up into violent activities.”