Chute Middle School spent an activity-oriented evening as spectators of and participants in projects presented by the classes of art teacher and Art Department chair Cindy Adler and geometry teacher Juliana Rohrlock.

As the two teachers explained, the project was a collaborative effort in which seventh- and eighth-grade students developed an idea that sparked just before spring break of 2011.

By February, the students were designing models. In March they purchased materials and began their projects. Parents came along with their children on two building nights. Building the models involved drawing blueprints, scale-drawing and then creating the actual model.

The advanced art class was introduced to significant eras of art: Impressionism, Surrealism, Renaissance and Pop-Art. The honors geometry class studied angle measurements, equations of lines, congruent triangles and vertical angles. The next phase was to create a 5-by-5-inch model as each student designed his or her own miniature golf course, incorporating the hole-in-one aspect and using their own theme.

Thirteen students in geometry honors and 24 art students presented their projects to one another. All of these students then voted on the top six Hole-In-One designs.

Six of the Hole-In-One projects were built to actual size and were presented at the interactive evening at Chute Middle School, along with the smaller models.

Olympic (Gold-in-One): Abby Stein

Mind the Gap (A Journey Through London on the

Bakerloo Line): Alex Brooke

The Nature Course: Armin Hodzic

Foodland: Laurel Weislogel

The Legend of Gabby: Gabrielle R. Dinsmore

Tee Time: Van Heyer

The Back 9 and the End of the Block: Brandon


Sam’s Miniature Golf Course: Sam Andrews

Hillside Golf: Spencer Eanes

Bachelor Pad: Maddie Schumm

Hole in Wonders of the U.S.: Maya Fagen

Shapes-In-Shapes: Eathan Stein

Candy Land: Christina Schumm

The creative Hole-in-One projects were on display so visitors could stroll among them and ask questions.