Snoodles braves the water for a bath from Beth Fleeman as Olivia Lackey, left, and her cousin Angelia look on. RoundTable photo

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The biannual dog wash to benefit C.A.R.E. attracted dozens of dogs and their owners to the City’s animal shelter on Oakton Street on June 23. Olivia Lackey, her mother Cheryl and her cousin Angelia waited in line with Snoodles, a five-year-old schnoodle, a schnauzer-poodle breed. “He’s very adventurous,” said Olivia, “and will make any place his home – under the table, on top of a chair.” He did not, however, like water. Neither did Sam, the 13½-year-old lab mix belonging to Nancy Traver and her daughter, Dinah Lipman. “If we take Sam to the lake, he won’t get in,” said Ms. Traver.