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The District’s Ad Hoc Green/Sustainability Committee – with support from science curriculum facilitator, Melanie Mudarth and energy manager, Lee Kulman – sponsored the second-annual Eco Power Challenge to help build student awareness of the impact that small changes can have upon the conservation of energy.

District 65 schools that participated in the challenge each assigned a school representative to help students with daily meter readings during the month of April. The representative also helped promote reduce energy consumption in the school through simple changes in daily routine. Turning out lights when rooms were empty, unplugging power adapters when they were not being used.

Mr. Kulman said there was an overall reduction in energy use of 9 percent at the participating schools, which he estimated to be a savings of $4,829. He added, “The purpose of the project was to raise awareness of conservation in the schools and to share ideas about conservation.”

Walker School won the challenge with a 29 percent reduction in energy, said Mr. Kulman.