I’m not an avid moviegoer, so I haven’t seen most films unless they’re on television. A few weeks ago I watched a movie on TV called “Something New.” It was actually released in 2006.

The story was written by Kriss Turner, an African American woman. The film is described as an “American romantic drama film that focuses on interracial relationships and traditional African American family values and social customs.”

 In a nutshell, it’s a film about an African American woman (Kenya) and a white man (Brian) who fall in love with each other. But because this romance takes place in America, racism rears its ugly head and challenges the relationship. Sigh. The film focuses on disapproval of interracial relationships by African Americans. Humans will be humans! Sigh.

I won’t divulge much more about the film in case you haven’t seen it, but there are a few lines in the film that should be embraced. An African American male who eventually accepts the interracial relationship between Kenya and Brian says, “…At the end of the day, it’s not about skin color or race. It’s about the love connection.” Kenya’s father says, “Folks carry on like there’s some kind of pure race. They shouldn’t be deluded. … We’re all mixed up.” Amen to that!

But speaking of being mixed up, I recently read that African American actor Morgan Freeman said President Obama is not America’s first black president but is “America’s first mixed-race president.” Sigh. Mr. Freeman points out that President Obama’s mother was white. I think President Obama knows that. President Obama chose to be identified as black and was (is) certainly identified (phenotypically) as black by others. Mr. Freeman is old enough to be familiar with labeling Americans as black based on the “one-drop of black blood” theory. He should also be enlightened enough to know that Americans of mixed heritage have the right to decide how they want to be identified racially. Racism. It just won’t go away. Sigh.