On July 8, 225 kids ranging in age from 5 to 14 took part in the 4th Annual McGaw YMCA Youth Triathlon.  The swim took place in Northwestern University’s Sports Pavilion, the bike on Sheridan Road, and the run on Northwestern University’s landfill area.

This event attracts youth that may have never had the opportunity to participate in a race of any kind. Lori Siegel, associate executive director for Youth Development at the McGaw Y said,  “When these young athletes of all levels cross the finish line you see huge smiles, and you know that their self confidence has grown between the start line and the finish line.”

Eleven-to-4-year-olds completed a 200- yard swim, 8K bike and a 2K run; 7-10-year-olds completed a 100-yard  swim, 4k bike and a 1K run; 5-6 year olds completed the “Splash & Dash” version of the event – a 50-yard swim and a quarter mile run.

Many thanks go to Northwestern University for hosting the event, and to their student athletes who volunteered on race day. Kraft Foods and One Brick worked together with community members, Board members and staff from the McGaw YMCA to make the day one to remember for the kids.