The North End Mothers’ Club, one of Evanston’s oldest philanthropic organizations, continued its tradition of giving back to the community with donations of over $34,000 to fourteen Evanston organizations. In keeping with the Club’s mission, each of the organizations provide services that support the youth of Evanston. Recipients of the 2012 donations include organizations the North End Mothers’ Club has long supported including The Infant Welfare Society, TED Fund, Child Care Center of Evanston, Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association (ESCCA), YWCA Domestic Violence Services, Cherry Pre-School, Evanston in School Music Association (EISMA), YMCA, and Kids and School Supplies (KASS). Several organizations, including Curt’s Café, Youth Organization’s Umbrella (YOU), Little Grace Notes and the Evanston Symphony Orchestra were first time recipients. The North End Mothers’ Club also continued its long-standing support of the Evanston 4th of July Association with both a monetary contribution and by sponsoring the Chicago Highlanders Pipe Band in the recent 4th of July Parade. NEMC was the founder of the Evanston 4th of July Parade in 1922. “Each of these organizations help make Evanston the type of community where we want to live and raise our families,” said Policy Chair Karin Ruetzel. “We are pleased to be able to provide them with support.” The major fundraiser for the North End Mothers’ Club is the Fortnightly Dance class held each fall for Evanston 6th and 7th grade students. “One hundred percent of the proceeds from Fortnightly, after expenses, flow directly into our philanthropic fund.” said Ruetzel.

In addition to providing philanthropic support to Evanston youth focused organizations, NEMC also funds four scholarships, worth $10,000, for Evanston High School seniors. The Senior Girl’s Honor Award recipient receives the award each year she is enrolled as a full time student at an accredited school, up to a maximum of four years. The Joanne Trautwein Music Award and two STEM Awards (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are each one-time awards.

The North End Mothers’ Club has been a member of the Evanston community since 1911. Visit to learn more about the Club.