On Aug. 19 at approximately11:56 p.m., police officers responded to an armed robbery that occurred in the 800 block of Noyes, said Commander Diane Davis of the Evanston Police Department.

The victim had posted an Ipad for sale on Craig’s List, and told police he made arrangements to meet up with a buyer in the 800 block of Noyes. While waiting to complete the transaction, the victim was approached by the supposed buyer. After a brief discussion, the victim handed the supposed buyer the Ipad, and the man fled on foot without paying for the Ipad.

The victim chased the offender and caught up with him in the 2200 block of Maple, said the Commander. A struggle ensued. The offender pulled out a knife and cut the victim several times on his body; and he also bit the victim on the arm, said the Commander. The victim disarmed the offender and retrieved his Ipad. The victim, 31, was treated at NorthShore Evanston Hospital for his wounds.

Responding officers stopped a man who was seen running in the area, who was identified as the offender, said the Commander. The man, a 20-year old resident of Chicago, was charged with armed robbery.