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School District 65 issued a statement this morning, Aug. 27, that a tentative agreement with the District Educators’ Council (DEC, the union representing teachers in the Evanston/Skokie School District 65) was reached earlier this morning.  

Superintendent Hardy Murphy said “I believe we have negotiated a tentative agreement with the District Educators’ Council that is fair to our teachers, fair to our community, and fair to our students.”  Terms of this tentative agreement will now be shared with DEC members and presented for teacher ratification and Board approval next month. 

School Board President, Katie Bailey said that “we look forward to a successful start to our school year. Having a tentative agreement with our teachers will certainly help us meet that goal.  Our teachers can confidently start school this week, and our students can begin the school year as planned on Tuesday, September 4.” 

Jean Luft, president of DEC told the RoundTable that District 65 and DEC reached a tentative agreement this morning and that she looks forward to a successful school year. She said the current plan is to present the contract terms to DEC’s membership on Aug. 30 and for a vote next week. She wanted to present the terms of the contract to members of DEC before making them public.  

It is anticipated that the School Board will vote on the tentative agreement after DEC’s vote.

Ms. Luft said the tentative agreement was reached this morning at 4 a.m. after a 16 hour negotiating session that began at noon yesterday.  This was the last of four negotiating sessions conducted with the aid of a federal mediator who Ms. Luft said was excellent. She said negotiating sessions held last Tuesday and Wednesday lasted 10 and 13 hours respectively.