Masonry work at Haven Middle School will continue after school starts. 

School District 65’s K-8 students start school on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Pre-K students begin Sept. 10.

The City of Evanston is teaming up with District 65 to continue to encourage students and parents to follow safety precautions when going to or from school. On the first day of school, the Evanston Fire Department will be greeting walkers and providing safety information stickers.

Evanston Township High School students start school on Sept. 4. Freshmen start at 8 a.m.; sophomores, juniors and seniors start at noon.

Lincoln Elementary School had major renovations over the summer. The renovations include the addition of nine instructional spaces, a new two-story entryway, the conversion of the auditorium into a multi-purpose dining area and presentation room, a renovated media center (library), and improved traffic-flow both within and outside the school at a cost of about $9.6 million. The work on the interior is scheduled to be completed by the opening of school, and 95 percent of the exterior work should be done.

Over the summer, roof work was done at Haven, Lincolnwood, Chute and Kingsley schools and masonry work at Haven and Oakton schools. The work at Haven is continuing, as evidenced by the scaffolding encircling the building.