July 2012 was the country’s hottest July on record. This was one factor leading to an unprecedented number of calls for emergency medical services (EMS) to Evanston Fire and Life Safety Services. The department handled a total of 911 calls during July, of which 565 were for EMS.

On July 4 alone, the department received 67 total calls. Crews responded to reports ranging from chest pains and burns from fireworks to heat-related emergencies and minor injuries sustained from bicycle and motor vehicle accidents.
“Our firefighters and dispatchers did a tremendous job maintaining professional service delivery to our residents during July’s heat wave,” said Evanston Fire Chief Greg Klaiber said.
Though the department anticipated the increase in call volume, the Wilmette Fire Department was needed at times to meet the demand. Crews from both fire departments worked in unison as they covered multiple calls, especially on the July 4 holiday.