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Water was the theme of this year’s Green Living Festival, held on Sept. 29 at the Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd. In the parking lot and circular drive, the City offered a sample or “tour” of the water supply, use and treatment in Evanston. Utilities Director Dave Stoneback, in photo at right, helped visitors calculate their daily water use. He said most residents use at least 100 gallons per day. Jaime Vega told visitors about Evanston’s sewer system, which operates on gravity, why some streets flood after a hard rain and how often all the pipes are cleaned (every three years).

Behind the Ecology Center, representatives of businesses with sustainable practices, such as Evanston-based Rebuilding Warehouse and Bucephalus Bikes described their products and services.

Those who supplement walking and biking with driving found the options of electric cars and I-go car-sharing, which offers short-term rentals to its members.