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 ‘Winter Of the World,’ by Ken Follett is the sequel to ‘Fall of Giants,’ and the second in his Century trilogy. The characters are mainly from five families and are continued from book one: the Fitzherberts, Leckwiths and Williames from Great Britian, Dewars and Peshkovs from the U.S. plus some others.

The families represented are from varying social classes and hold differing ideologies.

His trilogy’s second book begins in 1933 with the rise of Hitler and ends in the Cold War nuclear age. The causes and effects from many viewpoints of World War II are clearly presented. Mr. Follett has the ability to keep many plotlines going while developing a style that entertains and educates.

The dialogue is well written and moves the action along. The author does an outstanding job of building the plot by clearly explaining the historic events. He has the ability to draw the reader not just into the historical events but also into the personal lives of the participants.
Ken Follett’s exhaustive historical research informs his ability to give the reader a broad picture of the 20th century and its impact on the 21st in this 900-plus-page novel.