“Jaws” in Evanston. Photo by Mary Mumbrue

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… that Sandy’s force on Lake Michigan was not as destructive here as elsewhere.

… that snow-parking regulations are in effect now. Remember to pay attention to the signs, not the weather: The sky may dump snow, but it’s the City that issues the parking tickets. Speaking of the City and tickets, folks should get their vehicle stickers ASAP.

… that the Central/Broadway/Poplar intersection is still causing local headaches.

The City, as TG recently reported, is looking at reconfiguring traffic patterns there. None has been finalized, but it might be a good idea for folks to look at alternatives to idling there waiting to pick up train passengers.

… that the EPD will hold a Tweet-along tomorrow – a virtual ride-along for the Tweeting flock, the second one the police department has offered. Here’s how the City puts it: “Directly from the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center, almost all emergency calls will be tweeted on Friday, Nov. 9 from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. This will serve as an educational opportunity for the community to understand the quantity and nature of Evanston 9-1-1 calls.” Emergency calls about domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse will not be aired on the Tweet-along.

… that, just as TG was going to begin the biennial rant against yard signs that remain on parkways after Election Day, the Evanston Environmental Association has found a use for them. They will be repurposed to promote future EEA events, such as the Green Ball and Evanston Green Living Festival. With new messages, about sustainability rather than politics, they will remain yard signs but assigned to a greener purpose. Signs can be dropped off at the Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd., through Nov. 30. Anyone who wishes to donate a yard sign but cannot drop it off may contact the EEA at info@evanstonenvironment.org and arrange for a pickup.

… that holiday celebrations kick off next week with Downtown Evanston’s holiday bash and tree-lighting. Santa Claus and Mayor Tisdahl will arrive in Fountain Square by fire truck and light the tree.

From our readers: TG: There’s certainly a lot of work being done on the west end of Central Street. Why is the project so hush-hush? Can the City tell us the purpose of the work and the changes it will bring? Wider street? Narrower street? Bike lanes? Bump-outs? Or just a simple resurfacing? More generally, I’m surprised the City doesn’t put up “Your Tax Dollars at Work” signs for these projects to tell citizens why the work is a good thing.                               – Bill Sherman

From TG: It’s sewer work. Folks who live in that area had to live through about four major water-main breaks this summer, so the City leap-frogged the sewer work planned for future years back into 2012. As you doubtless recall, a lot of the sewer pipes here are upwards of 80 years old. TG did not think it was a hush-hush project, as it has been mentioned in this column at least twice before.

 TG: So, what’s up with the electric charging station project and related iGo cars planned for the Central/Stewart City parking lot? Posts are in but surrounded by gravel, waiting on asphalt since maybe June? That gravel will be a real mess
this winter if they don’t finish the paving. Recent publicity would have you think we’d have seen electric iGo cars there by the end of 2011. I am looking forward to that, but what year should I reserve my car for? The iGo program is great, with cars available at several Evanston locations. I use iGo weekly and it’s saved having to buy a second car.                – Joe Jakulski

From TG: Thank you, Mr. Jakulski. The City says iGo and the contractor have not completed their agreement yet. Even though it’s out of the City’s hands, the City folks say they will keep folks posted on the updated schedule as soon as they receive it. 

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that the City should consider eliminating simultaneous parking on two sides of the street. Some residential streets are almost impassable.

… that this shark is one of the cleverest of the paintings on the rip-rap (rocks) along the lake.