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This information is provided on behalf of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

In an effort to renew the CTA track, eliminate slow zones and continue to provide quality rapid transit service, work will be performed that may affect the Evanston community. While progress sometimes comes with inconveniences, CTA will do their best to keep them to a minimum.

Between Central and Davis Stations Nov. 19-21

10 p.m., Monday, November 19 to 4 a.m., Tuesday, November 20
10 p.m., Tuesday, November 20 to 4 a.m., Wednesday, November 21

Between Foster and Main Stations Nov. 21-22 & Nov. 25-26

10 p.m., Wednesday, November 21 to 4 a.m., Thursday, November 22
10 p.m., Sunday, November 25 to 4 a.m., Monday, November 26

Between Howard and Dempster Stations Nov. 26-28

10 p.m., Monday, November 26 to 4 a.m. Tuesday, November 27
10 p.m., Tuesday, November 27 to 4 a.m., Wednesday, November 28

Impact to Residents: 

• Purple Line train service will be operating on a single track in various locations between the Central St. and Howard St. stations. 
• There will be noise while the work is being performed.

The City of Evanston will post and send updates as needed. If residents have any questions or concerns about the work activity, please contact: Ryan Mouw, CTA Government and Community Relations, at 312/681-2751 or; or Rajeev Dahal, City of Evanston Senior Traffic Engineer, by dialing 3-1-1.