The board of directors of Downtown Evanston met earlier this month to discuss past events and the upcoming holiday shopping period.

Taking time from their last-minute preparations for last Friday’s Holiday Bash, the board of directors of Downtown Evanston held their annual meeting on Nov. 13 at Bravo! on Maple Avenue.

Executive Director Carolyn Dellutri described several of the activities and events designed to draw patrons to the City’s downtown area. Among these were the evening-long festivities on Nov. 16 that kicked off the holiday season in Evanston: the “Girl Whirl,” a weekend of pampering and shopping; the technology Makers’ Faire; and the ongoing sale of Downtown Evanston gift cards that can be used at many shops and restaurants. Similar events are planned for next time.

City officials reported on economic development, the streetscape improvements on Church and Davis streets and the soon-to-be-completed feasibility study for a downtown performing arts venue.

Dennis Marino, zoning manager for the City, said the study looked at “23 sites that emerged from arts-group discussions” and found “good synergy among not-for-profits and businesses.” He also said the consultants “are most excited about the Davis Street corridor” – between the CTA tracks and Ridge Avenue. David Coker, he said, is still looking at constructing Grace, a live music venue proposed a few years ago for Davis Street near Oak Avenue. He also said the City has been in discussion with representatives from Northlight Theatre: “Northlight has expressed a great interest in coming back to Evanston.”

The study is expected to be released in draft form in late November, he said.