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This month, all Evanston residential and small business customers, who are currently in the city’s electricity aggregation program, received an energy disclosure statement from Constellation Energy. State law and the rules of the Illinois Commerce Commission require the disclosure.

The disclosure is “generic,” according to the City of Evanston, and “does not reflect the 100% renewable energy mix that has been secured for the city’s electricity aggregation program.” In other words, Evanston residents who opted into the City’s aggregation program are getting what they signed up for – a “100% renewable energy mix through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs).”

Since all electricity is essentially the same, the source – RECs, in Evanston’s case – are purchased by the Constellation Energy, which then assigns them to Evanston. These REC’s are purchased from an Illinois or adjoining state wind asset and are compliant with the standards established by the State of Illinois for renewable energy, according to the City.

The City also said the generic disclosure statement is “sent to all new customers of Constellation and is currently required by the State to be sent on a quarterly basis. Constellation will provide members of Evanston’s aggregation program with an environment disclosure statement reflecting the power source of the City’s program (100% wind) for the next reporting period, which is anticipated to be sent out at the end of December 2012 and should be received in early January 2013.”