Ernst Medard is the baker at Délice Bakery, which he and his brother Yvon recently opened at 607 Howard St.  Submitted photo

When brothers Ernst and Yvon Medard and their business partner Gussie Augustin opened Leonie’s Délice Bakery in May 2012, they brought a measure of stability to Howard Street. The storefront bakery at 607 Howard St. is among the businesses nurtured by the City of Evanston to bring economic development to that area.

Ernst Medard, who does the baking, also did all of the remodeling of the storefront’s interior. “Since 1988, it was my dream to open a bakery,” he said. “After retiring from driving a truck, I was able to work toward fulfilling my dream.”

Gingerbread cookies, made with fresh ginger, are popular in the Haitian culture as are paté, a meat-filled pastry and bread pudding. Rock cake, a Jamaican treat, is a scone-type pastry made with coconut.

The bakery’s display cases are filled with cookies, cakes sold by the slice, festive cupcakes, pastries, crackers and bread. The soda-type crackers are used much like pita for dipping into soup and spreading with peanut butter (another Haitian favorite).

AK-100 or Akasan, a popular Haitian beverage made with corn flour, is available on Saturdays only.

For a pastry on the go or dessert for a family meal, stop by this small business in the revitalized Howard Street Business District. Leonie’s Délice Bakery, 607 Howard St., Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed Sundays. The bakery also does catering for funerals, weddings and other occasions. Call 847-864-0815 or visit for more information.