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The City of Evanston’s Health Department reminds all residents to educate themselves on how to remain safe during winter weather. 

To stay safe during winter storms residents should:

• Have safe emergency heating equipment available; be sure that vehicles are prepared for winter weather.

• Have disaster supplies, such as a flashlight, portable radio, first aid kit, adequate supply of medications and three-day supply of food and water, available in case the power goes out;

• Stay indoors and dress warmly. Anyone who must go outside should dress warmly; wear loose-fitting, layered, lightweight clothing and watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia;

• Conserve fuel;

• Remove any insulation on frozen pipes and wrap them in rags; completely open all faucets and pour hot water over the pipes, starting where they were most exposed to the cold;

• Remember to help neighbors who may require special assistance.

A preparedness document is available from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is available to view at

During normal business hours, residents can seek shelter from winter weather elements at one of the City’s facilities. If the City of Evanston’s Health Department director issues a cold emergency, various City facilities can be designated as official warming centers and may be open for extended or overnight hours. Ways to stay connected with the City in these instances include the following:


• E-mail or text alerts at

• City Facebook/Twitter accounts at and

• Government access TV station Ch. 16

• Informational radio station 1650AM