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Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl issued the following statement today, Dec. 12:

“The series of violent acts that have occurred in Evanston over the last couple of weeks are unacceptable.  While we grieve with our local families over their losses, the entire Evanston community has been shaken.  Our children are concerned for their safety and all residents are questioning this unusual period of events.

“The circumstances of these violent acts are well known to the Evanston Police Department and are being vigorously investigated by EPD and our local law enforcement partners.  This recent violence involves a continuing dispute between two extended families that have ties to gang related violence.  EPD is using all available resources to apprehend those responsible.  These investigations are being conducted in such a manner to insure those responsible are brought to justice.

“We have too many guns in this community.  We must work together to get guns off the street through buy-back programs and other means until local jurisdictions have the authority to enact real gun control legislation.

“I have every confidence that Police Chief Eddington and members of the Evanston Police Department are doing what is required to end this period of violence and to keep all of us in Evanston safe.”