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The City of Evanston’s Engineering Division recently announced that they have completed upgrades to 45 street light power centers, which are the power source for about 50 street lights each. With these upgrades, the city has now completed work on about 80% of the city’s 109 power centers operating about 5,800 street lights.

“With the replacement of these power sources, there will be fewer street light outages, which in turn will provide for a better and safer lighting for the streets” explained Engineering Division Manager/City Engineer Homayoon Pirooz.

The city’s Engineering Division began replacing these old power centers in 2007 as they began to show signs of wear, starting with the ones with the worst maintenance records. Each power center has four circuits and each circuit supplies power to about 12 street lights. When one circuit goes out, only a few street lights go out; but when the whole power center burns out, a large area is directly affected.

Earlier this year, the City Council approved $250,000 in funding for this project, which came from the General Fund Reserve, for the purchase and replacement of 50 street light power centers for the current round of replacements. The power centers were between 25 and 30 years old and have resulted in multiple outages. The age of these power centers has made them difficult to repair.

“These upgrades will save tax dollars on continual maintenance costs and will last another 25 to 30 years. The remaining street light power centers will be replaced on an as-needed base,” concluded City Engineer Pirooz.