Fifth-generation Evanstonian Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan, an instructor at Northeastern Illinois University, returned recently from an Interfaith  Peace-Builders-sponsored African Heritage Delegation to Israel and Palestine. Dr. Logan, along with 14 other participants from African Heritage communities around the U.S., landed in Tel Aviv on Oct. 22 for the two-week journey through the conflict zone.

“The experience on the African Heritage Delegation brought into light the reality that African Americans hold a uniquely positioned voice in the call for freedom among the world’s chorus of oppressed people,” said Dr. Logan. “We have come to better know and understand ourselves as an African people, the connection between our own struggle in America and the struggle of other people, and the great esteem that peace-seeking freedom fighters the world over hold for African Americans.”

The group met with members of Palestinian and Israeli civil society, human rights organizations, grassroots activists and others.  Specific meetings also featured representatives of African-Palestinian and African-Israeli communities, Jews of color (Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews), Palestinian, Sudanese and Eritrean refugees and others. 

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