The snow last night, December 27, dumped 5” on the north side of Evanston and ½” on the south side of Evanston. This is one of the freak things about lake effect snow*. There were no snow parking bans issued. All main roads are clear and work has begun in side streets and will continue all day. The City of Evanston’s Public Works Department will have crews working overnight to do additional clean up if necessary. Extra crews will be added to the North side areas impacted the most. There are several streets that were too narrow for the large city trucks to get down last night that will be plowed this morning.

Residents, landlords and business owners are reminded to keep all sidewalks and common areas clear of snow and ice. Update to follow as needed. In the event of a declaration of a snow route parking ban or snow emergency, the city will issue it on the city’s website and send out a notice via its list serves, text message alerts, Facebook, Twitter, AM1650 and cable channel 16. To learn more about snow removal operations in the City of Evanston or how you can sign up for email or text message alerts, visit or call 3-1-1.

*Lake effect snows occur when a mass of sufficiently cold air moves over a body of warmer water, creating an unstable temperature profile in the atmosphere. As a result, clouds build over the lake and eventually develop into snow showers and squalls as they move downwind. The intensity of lake effect snow is increased when higher elevations downwind of the lake force the cold, snow-producing air to rise even further. More on lake effect snow here>>>