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Elections for all elected municipal positions – Mayor, aldermen and City clerk – will be largely a check-the-box process this spring, with all incumbents seeking reelection and only three aldermen currently facing challengers. The Mayor, six aldermen and the City Clerk face no ballot competition. The elected Township Supervisor race will be the most hotly contested, with two currently running for the post.

Challenges for alderman come in the First, Second and Sixth wards. In the First Ward, Alderman Judy Fiske is being challenged by Edward Tivador, a superintendent in the Northbrook/Glenview school district. In the Second Ward, Alderman Peter Braithwaite, who was appointed to the position after Lionel Jean-Baptiste became a Cook County judge in early 2011, will run against James C. Dyer. The Sixth Ward features a rematch between Alderman Mark Tendam and Mark Sloane. Ald. Tendam won election in 2009 in a three-way race that included both Mr. Sloane and Christopher Hart.

Initially, Eighth Ward Alderman Ann Rainey, currently the longest-serving alderman on Council, faced a challenge from Thomas Just, a broker with Apartment People. Mr. Just, however, withdrew his petition on New Year’s Eve. Messages seeking comment from Mr. Just were not returned in time for publication.

Questions were raised about the petitions filed by two candidates, and City Clerk Rodney Greene indicated that objections may be filed regarding the Tivador and Dyer candidacies. The deadline for filing objections, Mr. Greene said, is Jan. 3, after this edition goes to press. Updates will be posted online. There were questions surrounding Mr. Just’s nominating petition before he withdrew as well, though Clerk Greene said that he did not expect a formal challenge in that race.

If challenges in the First and Second wards are filed and ultimately successful, the result would be only one single contested race among the eleven elected City officials. Clerk Greene told the RoundTable that Ald. Tendam has stated that he will not contest Mr. Sloane’s petition.

Things are more interesting in the races for the two elected Township positions. Township Assessor Bonnie Wilson decided not to run for re-election, leaving the door open for former Township Assessor Sharon Eckersall.

Ms. Eckersall, who had been planning a run for either Township Assessor or Township Supervisor, filed to run for her old position instead. She will be the only candidate on the ballot for Assessor. In 2009, Assessor Wilson won over Ms. Eckersall by a 78 percent-22 percent margin.

The Township will have a new supervisor, as longtime supervisor Patricia Vance has decided not to run. Two candidates are running to take her place – Keith Banks and Gary Gaspard.

Whoever wins the Township races will be in interesting positions as voters overwhelmingly indicated a preference for dissolving the Township recently, and City Council is in the midst of a year-long effort to determine how to accomplish exactly that goal.
Position on the ballot for municipal and Township candidates is no longer alphabetical or “first-come, first-served,” but is instead determined by lottery.

That lottery will take place at 7 p.m. on Jan. 3. At that time, candidates will know if they face ballot challenges as well.