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Rose’s Bakery & Wheat Free Café, 2901 Central St., was scheduled to shut down its business as of Christmas Eve unless it raised $104,000 in order to stay open. Camping World and Good Sam CEO Marcus Lemonis bought the majority of the business and will keep the Bakery and Café open with founder Rose O’Carroll as partner in the business.

“Having gone gluten-free over a year ago and becoming a patron of Rose’s Bakery & Wheat Free Café, I know the love and devotion that customers have for Rose’s as I am one of them,” said Mr. Lemonis.

“I have been following the business closely and when I heard that Rose would have to close its doors on Christmas Eve I knew I had to step in and save the business. As the new owner and partner of Rose’s,  I am committed to not only keeping the business open but growing its customer base and having a successful and profitable business,” he added.

Ms. O’Carroll had begun a campaign to raise $104,000 before Christmas Eve to keep the business open, but shortly before that deadline had raised only around $13,000.

Mr. Lemonis wrote an initial check for $200,000 to become the majority owner of the business with a commitment of an additional investment of $150,000 over the next 18 months. He said he intends to purchase new equipment for the Bakery and Café, which will allow it to make many of its popular products quicker and more efficiently but not affect the quality.

“Making the business more efficiently doesn’t mean anything changes with the taste and quality of the food. It just means they will now be able to produce more of a good thing,” he said.

In addition, the Lemonis investment means all employees of Rose’s Bakery & Wheat Free Café will keep their jobs, something they did not think would happen.

“Besides being committed to the concept of a gluten-free bakery and café, I hated seeing that these good people were going to lose their jobs the day before Christmas,” added Mr. Lemonis.