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A lot will be going on at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show, being held Feb. 15-24 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. The website at gives information.

Gary Roach and Ted Takesaki will be among those giving fishing seminars. They will be talking about walleye fishing in rivers and large lakes. Several new fishing lines from Berkeley will be worth getting a closer look at, and finally there will be the new 360-degree sonar systems.

It will also be a good opportunity, for example, to check out a couple of resorts down on Kentucky Lake with the hope of heading down there very early this spring for some crappie fishing.

This is one of the few shows left at which baits, loose by the pound, can be bought, because the tackle-makers are at the show. This means a fisherman can buy a dozen plastic worms in a dozen different colors if he or she wants because the worms are not pre-packed in plastic. This is great for restocking the old tackle box.

That was a reminder that it’s time to head down to the basement and sort out the tackle box and take inventory of all the different plastic baits used last year and figure out what colors and sizes will need to be replaced for this coming season.

One’s stock of fishing line needs to be checked, too. This is the best time of year to sort tackle – even those who do not go to the sport shows can take advantage of the savings at the sales that most tackle stores will be running in conjunction with the shows. Another way to save is to look for last year’s model of rods and reels: They tend to go on sale when the new ones are displayed at the winter shows.

So head out to the shows and the sport shops and use those gift cards the holidays brought. Until next time, keep a tight line.

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