The worn asphalt paths at Perkins Woods will be replaced by a 5-foot crushed-granite one.    RoundTable photo

The dilapidated 5-foot-wide asphalt paths at Perkins Woods in northwest Evanston will be replaced this summer with crushed granite ones, Libby Hill, steward of Perkins Woods, told the RoundTable last week. The square-block area is part of the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

Ms. Hill said she is very happy with the result and with the latter part of the process that led to this solution. She and many residents who live near Perkins Woods had opposed the County’s proposal of a 10-foot-wide concrete path. They said they preferred a narrow path made of permeable material, in keeping with the character of the woods.

Ms. Hill met with members of the Forest Preserve District’s Planning and Development Committee on Jan. 10. She said, “They and we are working with Paul D’Agostino [superintendent of Parks/Recreation and Facilities Management for the City]. It’s one big cooperative effort and looks very promising.” 

The path leading to Lincolnwood School will be closed permanently and the other four paths replaced, possibly in time for the 125th anniversary of the County’s Forest Preserve District. Dwight Perkins, for whom this area is named, is one of the founders of the District.

Mr. D’Agostino said the anticipated start date is July of this year and that construction “shouldn’t take longer than a month or so.”

Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin struggled to meet his constit-uents’ wishes and the Forest Preserve District’s demands.

Ms. Hill said the goal is “for summer installation of the new paths.” 

“It is really great to see how Commissioner Suffredin has responded to the concerns of neighbors,” said Virginia Mann. “That is really reflective of the character of Evanston – how Evanston embodies that Margaret Meade quote ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, determined citizens can change the world.’”