Left to right, Sharon Smaller, Clara Stanley, Candance Chow, Jenna Lane, Dan Chow and Trei Lane at the kickoff for Ms. Chow’s campaign for District 65 School Board.

Candance Chow, candidate for the District 65 School Board, launched her campaign at the Upstairs Café on Jan. 29. She said holding the kickoff on the platform of the Central Street train station could imply the “beginning of a journey of thoughtful, collaborate and passionate advocacy.”

She said she is running for the District 65 Board because “I firmly believe that public education is the backbone of a community. Quality education has the ability to change the life of a child, and I want every child in Evanston to have a quality education.”

Ms. Chow said, “I want to see all children in our School District challenged at the appropriate level and support the plan to raise the achievement for all students.” Measuring achievement, though, “requires more than test scores. I want to build an environment where children love to learn and have a chance to discover and explore their passions. In addition to the 3 Rs, we must teach the 4 Cs – creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and character-strength skills.”

District 65 should “take an honest look at how we challenge every child,” should view technology as an investment in education, not just a capital investment, and should have accountability at all levels, she said.

“I believe in differentiated learning and at the same time acknowledge how difficult and complex it is to implement successfully and consistently for all children.” She said the District “does a good job of launching new initiatives, but often the programs lack ongoing monitoring and measurement of outcomes against objectives.”

Other aspects of accountability, she said, are school climate, the effectiveness of faculty and principals, and parent and community collaboration and engagement.

“This may be the only campaign launch party you attend where you are not asked for money. I ask for your ideas, your engagement, your thoughts, your voice and your vote.” Even though the District 65 election is likely to be uncontested, Ms. Chow said, “Contested or not, this election is the time to raise these important issues for our kids.”

Ms. Chow has been a resident of Evanston since 1995, holds an MBA with Distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and served as Kingsley PTA president, 2010-12. She says she has “more than 20 years of professional experience in leading improvements in both business and nonprofits in the areas of strategy development, innovation and operational performance.” She says, “I have a strong passion for and dedication to building community and advancing education.”