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Hello, Evanston. We hope you enjoyed the RoundTable’s January magazine, Evanston: 15 Stories, 150 Years, which was delivered with the Jan. 3 edition of the newspaper. We have received many positive comments about it – the history of Evanston is clearly a subject the residents of our City have found inspires their interest.

The study of history involves more than dates of significant events, famous people and nations at war. Grassroots action, passion, art – and at times, unfortunately, injustice – give to the daily grind a deeper significance.

At present the RoundTable is planning two future magazines about the history of Evanston, in May and November. Since the sesquicentennial celebration lasts the whole year, we have the time to get a little more personal: We’d like to ask our readers to help us capture the Evanston of their memories.

We encourage everyone – including those newer to the City – to look back for a moment or two and come up with a memory of Evanston to post on the Evanston RoundTable website. These should be short but descriptive; we hope they will be pleasant, but we know they may not always be.

What was Evanston like 80 or 50 or even 10 years ago? What time or place or event stands out? Who else was there? What was the day like? What were the sounds, the smells?

Readers can post these comments, limited to 250-300 words, on the Community Forum section of our website, evanstonroundtable.com, email them to us at info@evanstonroundtable.com or send them by snail mail to 1124 Florence Ave., Ste. 3, Evanston 60202. As with our regular submissions, personal attacks are inappropriate and will be removed.

We will likely use some of these memories immediately. Others we will likely keep to use through the remainder of this celebratory year. We also encourage readers to respond to the posts they read online about Evanston’s past: If one person’s recollection triggers another, we’d like to see the memory filled out in conversation. 

Perhaps readers will add to the same event from another perspective or one person’s memory will spark a response. We look forward to hearing from Evanstonians of all ages.  

Evanston has existed and evolved for 150 years. What do you remember about our City? Your thoughts and memories will help make Evanston’s history more immediate, colorful and real for all of us.

As we at the RoundTable are fond of saying, we cover what matters: Evanston.
We are eager to hear from you.