Mr. Sloane, surrounded by “Opening Doors” band members Luke Stamos, Jake Marks, Nico Kapetan, Jake Bevan and Aidan Dillon.RoundTable photo

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Mark Sloane kicked off his campaign for alderman of the Sixth Ward on Jan. 26 at Curt’s Café on Central Street. In addressing his supporters and friends, he said City Council is making many decisions on where to spend the City’s money, and it needs a strong financial leader. Pointing to his background as chief financial officer of Kelly, Scott & Madison Inc. and as chairperson of the Evanston Mayor’s Budget Task Force Commission, he said he would look at the business plans of organizations who were seeking the City’s money and analyze “whether this is where we want to put our money. We need some financial restraint.”

Mr. Sloane also said he would be an advocate for the City’s parks and recreation programs. As an example, he said, he would have advocated for the proposal submitted by three of four Evanston organizations to convert the recycling center on Oakton Street into an indoor recreation facility for the City’s youth. These organizations committed to raise $750,000 through private sources to invest in the facility, he said. It was a “win-win for everyone.”

“So many of us define Evanston based on what we see and hear on our soccer fields, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, ice rinks, pool decks, and school playgrounds,” Mr. Sloane says. “I share your views, as I am out on these recreational fields whether coaching, [as] a 10-year appointed member to the City’s Parks and Recreation Board or [as] a parent of three.”

The rock band, “Opening Doors,” composed of five seventh-graders at Haven Middle School provided entertainment at the kick-off.

Larry Gavin

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