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An eye for, and training in, architecture can also provide a lens onto other arts – photography, for example. Today this column looks at the fine art photography group “Perspectives.”

Auguries about the future of the group, which opened its venue on Chicago Avenue in April 2010, were dubious.

They were mistaken.

It not only succeeded but it grew from the small group of Bill Bridges, Suzanne Metzel, Christopher Scheneberger, Anthony Iacuzzi and Faigie and Bob Tanner – mostly Evanstonians – to 19. Mr. Bridges says the main purpose was to create a community of photographers to socialize, discuss and view art and photography.

Some members teach at the college level, while others came to photography for self expression while practicing other professions. Many have already exhibited at various galleries.

They have an annual juried show and monthly regular shows since 2010. All shows are open to the public. They cover photography from the Institute of Design days in the 1950’s all the way to the recently discovered genius, Vivian Maier.

Space limits to mention only a few of the Evanstonians. William Bridges came to photography after a career as professor of sociology. He works primarily in the documentary field.

Anthony Iacuzzi is also a graphic designer, with degrees from Columbia College and Loyola University.

Suzanne Metzel studied at the American Academy of Arts, went to law school and for twenty years practiced as a trial attorney. As a photographer she has exhibited widely.

The work of Verna Todd questions boundaries between youth and age, animate and inanimate, physical and spiritual. Her work has been featured internationally, in Canada, Palestine, Ireland and the U. S.

Faigie Tanner has a masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and degrees from the Chicago Institute of  Design and McGill University in Canada. In addition to photography she does collages and fiber art.

Bob Tanner (Faigie’s husband) studied photography under Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Frederick Sommer. Bob taught ror many years in the Chicago Public Schools followed by total devotion to photography in order to create more than the eye readily discerns.

Steve Harp is an associate professor in the Dept. of Art Media and Design at De Paul University. He exhibited nationaly and internationally from Italy to Iceland, from San Francisco to Chicago.

Donna Wesley Spencer teaches high school English in Evanston and in her work she shows “the history and drama of the past, recent or distant.”

A photograph is indeed a piece of art, as unique an artistic vision as a painting or drawing. Today the addition photo editing software permits the digital image to be manipulated by the photographer as if it were a painting. The photo, in effect, becomes an individual and expressive image that can be printed multiple times on canvas or paper in limited editions that can be sold at affordable prices. Enjoy the show!