Andrew Bezaitis, left, launched his campaign at Boocoo. Photo by Mary Mumbrue

Andy Bezaitis kicked off his campaign for the District 202 School Board at Boocoo on Feb. 6. He attended District 65 schools and Evanston Township High School and he says his three children are ETHS-bound.

Mr. Bezaitis has a BS in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, an MS in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has built technology-oriented businesses in the telecommunications, software, education and health-care fields and has worked with investment groups and management teams to restructure their businesses. He is currently the chief operating officer of CellTrak Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Bezaitis says, “I am running for the ETHS School Board because I believe high school matters.”  He says, “I believe ETHS must engage, challenge and inspire all students; identify and implement innovative ideas; measure success and continuously improve; foster a culture of partnerships, excellence and innovation; and support fiscally sound decision-making.

“ETHS has the tremendous responsibility of educating our children and preparing them for success in early adulthood and beyond,” Mr. Bezaitis says. “Our School Board serves an important role in this work by partnering with our administration and teachers in defining how to successfully meet our responsibility to our children and achieve our goals in a strategic, dynamic and open and transparent manner.

“This partnership role is a role in which I have worked throughout my business career serving on boards and in leadership positions with numerous start-up technology companies. I believe my professional experience and skills in science, technology and business will be important assets and provide a valuable perspective for the Board, different than those of the other candidates and current Board members. In my work in the business community, I see first-hand on a daily basis, how critically important a first-rate education is in today’s job market.”