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Not one to sing its own praises, the Evanston RoundTable this month is quietly celebrating its 15th year of providing a strong, clear and caring voice to its community. It has come a long way from its beginnings in a basement, with its main workspace the top of a pool table.

 As with many dreams, the paper began with a “What if …” idea in minds aware of some very real needs of Evanston’s residents: to know in depth what is happening in their community on many levels and to have a forum and an opportunity to speak up and be heard.

 The name “RoundTable” was chosen because it invites any and everyone to share their concerns for the City. From the beginning, the paper’s intent has been to provide in-depth coverage of City government, School Board decisions and the economic/environmental health of the community. The heart of every issue has been evident in its editorials, guest essays and letters from its readers.  Its mission includes every aspect of the City’s make-up and character, because Evanston is “what matters most.”
While the RoundTable has struggled through tough economic times, its voice has remained clear and consistent. Its reputation for caring about “everything Evanston” has  solidified over its 15 years because of reader response and appreciation and the support of its advertisers. The paper’s commitment to honesty and clarity (transparency), good writing and sometimes fun (as in its persistent search for the finest chocolate) has earned its right and privilege to be a familiar part of what is Evanston.

The RoundTable staff is a special mix of dedicated people who work hard to put a quality paper in the homes and hands of its readers. Since it is free and delivered door-to-door, the paper would not exist without its advertisers and the dedication of all who make it happen, namely, its editors, writers, interns, creative staff and marketing/sales people.

Thus, the RoundTable’s birthday really celebrates so much more than time and itself. It celebrates the community and its many voices wanting to make Evanston even more than it already is.

In its sesquicentennial year, the City’s 150 candles illuminate not only a unique and proud history, but also a vision of a future all of its residents are already helping shape.

The RoundTable is pleased and proud of its fifteen candles that represent its part in that history – and commits to making that vision even brighter.