Evanston is projected for the biggest snow storm since the Blizzard of 2011. We are forecasted for 5” to 8” or more of snow. One of the complicated wild cards is that Lake enhancement of the snow will be a component of this storm and could add to the totals. The snow is expected to begin around 3pm today as just light snow or flurries and continue overnight. The main portion of the snow hits in the early hours of Tuesday and it should snow heavily on and off until 10pm Tuesday. Snow will decrease in intensity Wednesday morning with some sun possible by Wednesday afternoon. We expect the morning and afternoon rush hours to be impacted on Tuesday. 

Public Works has been aware of the potential for this storm since last week. All equipment for snow removal is being checked and last minute repairs coordinated thru Fleet Services . Extra equipment and staff is being readied and alerted. 

There is a very high probability for a snow route parking ban Tuesday night and a full snow emergency for Wednesday and Thursday. 

More updates will follow later.