Snow has started slowly this morning but will pick up in intensity later this morning and snow heavily until about 7pm. The snow is expected to taper off to light snow from 7pm until 9pm and then snow showers and flurries after that. Storm total are still expected to be 6”-8” for Evanston. 

Public Works has pre-salted the main roads and secondary’s and will be working on the side streets this morning. Once the heavier snow begins to fall Public Works has crews that will be dedicated to both the main roads and residential streets in an effort to keep roads open and passible. Snow fall rates will be heavy (1”+ per hour) at times which will make it hard to keep up during the heavier bans of snow. 

This afternoon Public Works is prepared to mobilize extra equipment and manpower should it be needed to  clear the roads for rush hour. 

Parking restrictions are still expected to be needed later tonight and the next couple of days. If forecasts verify, decisions about restrictions will be made later today. 

More updates as needed.