In the race for Evanston’s 1st Ward Alderman, Dr. Ed Tivador has earned my vote. As a six year resident of Evanston, several of his key issues resonated with me: pursuing economic growth by attracting/keeping business in Evanston, additional safety measures for our entire community, bridging a stronger relationship between Evanston and NU and staunchly opposing the 708 Church Street tower. Ed is driven to succeed for the residents of Evanston, passionate about key issues that affect us all and is bluntly honest about his positions. He also has a track record and reputation that precedes him in business and as a Superintendent. I encourage you to take advantage of his accessibility and reach out to start a dialog about any questions or concerns you may have regarding the 1st Ward. I am looking forward to the results that Ed Tivador will bring to our Ward.

Mark Gallas