I am supporting Alderman Tendam for another term as 6th Ward Alderman and urge your readers to do the same.

Tendam is a committed and thoughtful public servant  with great integrity, and rock-solid values.  As alderman, he has been an advocate for all citizens in the Ward.  I have three young children and we live around the corner from their grandparents.  As such I have a unique appreciation for how the new cross walks, speed signs and sidewalk improvements that Tendam has brought to the area help protect the Ward’s most vulnerable residents.

My husband and I also appreciate how Tendam unites (rather than divides) opposing factions in a debate.  When Curt’s Café needed help, Tendam advocated tirelessly to bring the other members of the Council on board.  When the Ward (and city) split over the fate of the North Branch library, Tendam listened to both sides and then worked with the Friends of the Library, the Library Board and members of the City Council to ensure that the North Branch remained open and a vital component of the library system.

In a similar way he has worked with his colleagues to hold the line on spending – reducing the rate of growth in the City’s budget from 31% under the prior Council to 5.8% (i.e., from 8% a year to 1.5% a year).  He has also worked to find alternative sources of revenue for the City.  Tendam believes that responsible economic development is the key to improving the City’s finances and we agree.

I firmly believe that Mark’s leadership and care has helped keep our neighborhood great and urge you to join with us and return Alderman Tendam to the Council for another 4 years.

Maura Farrell Devine