Dear Editor: 

The residents of Evanston’s 6th Ward, and in fact our entire city, have benefitted from the addition of Mark Tendam to the Evanston City Council.  Alderman Tendam is a thoughtful, respected voice on the Council. His willingness to listen to all sides and his ability to build consensus have made him particularly effective. His approach has helped move forward legislation and programs that benefit our Ward and our entire city. 

Thanks in part to Alderman Tendam’s support, during the past four years we have seen: 

  • Expansion of the elm tree injection program—an effort that saves trees and saves tax dollars.
  • Legislation implementing height limits on residential structures, helping to assure that future residential development is appropriate for our neighborhood.
  • Reduced crime in the 6th Ward thanks to increased police patrols and creation of numerous neighborhood watch groups.
  • New and growing businesses in the 6th Ward—businesses that create jobs, generate tax dollars and improve the ambiance of our community. 

During his term, Alderman Tendam has represented all of the people of the 6th Ward. He has not focused on programs that benefit only a small group of citizens, but rather, he has been responsive to the needs of all the Ward’s residents (regardless of age or circumstance).  

Additionally, Alderman Tendam is always available to the residents of our community and communicates effectively through email, newsletter, social media, community meetings, etc. His efforts mean that each of us can feel certain that our voice will be heard and our views thoughtfully considered. 

Although I may not agree with Alderman Tendam on every issue, I appreciate his responsiveness and the respect he shows all 6th Ward residents.  He has been a solid addition to the Evanston Council and I strongly urge my 6th Ward neighbors to join me in re-electing him. He will continue to be a strong and effective voice for us on the City Council. 

Sincerely, Virginia V. Mann