Left, Jack Gordon, Jack Vermeullen and Quinn Hanley enjoy exploring the City’s newest fire engine. RoundTable photo

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The Evanston Fire Department showed off its new “green” fire engine at an open house on Feb. 23 at 2830 Central Street. While called “green” because it uses low-sulfur fuel and emits a clean exhaust, the fire engine is actually a traditional red. It carries 500 gallons of water and can pump 1,500 gallons a minute. It has all the same life-saving equipment as an ambulance, except a stretcher.

The new engine replaces a 19-year-old engine, whose life was stretched past the normal life of 15 years due to good fleet service maintenance. The new engine is expected to have a normal 15 year life span.

An estimated 150 persons attended the open house. Many young 3-foot firemen could be observed leaving the station with brand new fireman hats on Saturday.