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As the current chairman of the Parks & Recreation Committee and a 6th Ward Resident, I feel that I need to respond to Mark Sloane’s published statement that “There’s no one on Council that’s an advocate for recreation.”  This is simply not true.  Parks & Recreation has a number of advocates on Council and none is more reliable than Alderman Tendam.  That is one of the reasons that I am co-chairing his re-election campaign. 

I say one of the reasons because while Alderman Tendam cares about parks and recreation, he also cares about the Levy Senior Center, libraries, sidewalks, cross walks, neighborhood watch groups, helping residents with zoning problems, keeping the lights on during thunderstorms and a hundred other things he takes care of for us every month.  As one of your other readers said last week, Tendam is not a one issue candidate.  He cares about everyone in the Ward. As an example, Tendam supported the construction of temporary ice rinks in the City, which is something I supported as well.  But when a mentally ill 6th Ward resident took a sledge hammer to the ice, Tendam saw more than a Parks & Rec  issue.  He saw a resident in crisis.  Tendam worked with neighbors, the police and the person’s family and now that person is getting help and the neighborhood is resting easier.  That’s what leadership looks like to me. 

Please join me and my wife Lisa in re-electing Mark Tendam for another term on council.  He’s a good man and a good advocate for all of us. 

  Daniel Stein