A very important election is occurring on April 9 (early voting starts on March 25). Eight candidates are running for 4 positions on the District 202 Board.

I served on the District 202 Board for 20 years as a member and as President. From that perspective, I am recommending that you vote for 4 candidates.

These are people who care deeply about the future of our high school and want to maintain the excellence that we in Evanston/Skokie treasure and that has made ETHS one of the premier high schools in the U.S.

The 4 candidates I support are: Andy Bezaitis: andybezaitis202.com; Deborah Graham: grahamfor202.com; Doug Holt holtfor202.com; Gretchen Livingston: Livingstond202.com

Please check out these websites to familiarize yourself with the candidates.

And please remember to vote. Every vote is important in this crucial election.

Margaret Lurie