Alone among the candidates for the District 202 (ETHS) School Board, Pat Savage-Williams brings hands-on experience in educating our children. Her many years as a school psychologist in District 65 followed by coordinating special education programs at the high school level give her a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by ETHS in seeking to provide the best possible education for all students.

Having served on the Mixed Level Advisory Committee that guided the implementation of the earned honors courses, Pat has a deep appreciation of the need to avoid instant evaluation and instead to gather relevant data leading to reasoned assessment of that program.

Pat is a listener, a patient person who forms judgments only after considering all relevant points of view. She will bring a welcome balance to a Board that often has to face contentious issues. At the same time, Pat has a laser-like focus on leading a School that sets high expectations, that does everything possible to challenge all students to perform to the limits of their abilities, and that provides the resources to facilitate that performance. Please join us in voting for Pat Savage-Williams for the ETHS (District 202) School Board.

Mary Anne and Michael Weston